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Kloeckner Metals manufactures high performance, premium metal roofing. Our roofing systems capitalize on the design flexibility, beauty, durability and economy of metal.

Benefits of Kloeckner Metal Roofing include: a wide selection of “cool” colors, reduced energy consumption, increased protection from high winds, fire, and hurricanes, long term savings with low maintenance.

• Industry-leading ULTRA-Cool® heat reflective Kynar 500® coating creates an Energy Efficient “Cool” Roof, ideal for Hawaii’s environment.
• ENERGY STAR® listed and used in sustainable LEED projects
• Since 1975, Kloeckner’s Metal Roof Systems have a proven, successful track record in Hawaii.
• Hawaii’s best performing “Cool” Metal Roofs manufactured in Hawaii

Energy Efficient Cool Roof
Kloeckner’s metal roofing offers a wide variety of finishes, designs, and colors that provide greater energy savings. Kloeckner Metals uses the industry-leading ULTRA-Cool® heat reflective Kynar 500®coating, creating an energy efficient “Cool” metal roof, ideal for Hawaii’s environment. The ULTRA-Cool® 1.0 mil Kynar 500® paint system uses infrared reflective pigments that direct heat away from the roof, lowering the roof’s temperature, keeping interior spaces cooler and reducing cooling costs.

Metal roofing is sustainable as it contains significant recycled material content and is 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life.
Kloeckner Metals roofing systems color coatings are ENERGY STAR® listed and used in sustainable LEED projects.

Durability and Life Cycle Costs
Metal roofing is proven to be more durable than most other roofing systems, is low maintenance, and has a proven track record of success in Hawaii for over 90 years. Metal roofing has low life-cycle costs making it the ideal choice for homes, schools, government, commercial, industrial and institutional building owners.

Fire and Wind Resistant
Metal roofing is extremely fire resistant and is designed to increase protection from high winds.

Due to its light weight per unit area, structural savings can be realized in a building when compared to using heavier non-metal roofing alternatives. For re-roofing projects, metal roofing can often be applied over the original roof, saving removal and disposal costs.


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Kloeckner Metals is a Hawaii’s largest steel distributor. Hot Dip galvanizing and metal roofing manufacturer. Kloeckner Metals is a reliable partner with a reputation for high quality products, responsive customer service and reliable delivery. Our team is ready to assist and our commitment is to your success!